Flow Provider has been offering consultancy in the field of street culture, street sports and lifestyle sports since 2003. Our decades-long knowledge and vision are offered to municipalities, institutions and the business community. We draw up policy plans, event concepts and set up organizations and foundations.

Flow Provider is no nonsense. No lengthy (read expensive) reports but to focus on her expertise alone. Can also be used to bring entire projects to a successful conclusion, but also affordable for smaller entrepreneurs, to be present at a meeting for an hour to share knowledge. To examine project plans or to find the right people for specific advice or for specific assignments.

Flow Provider has broad knowledge when it comes to entrepreneurship, project management and marketing concepts within its areas of expertise.

Whether it concerns sports or cultural projects, making policy plans, setting out a vision or giving specific advice With its broad knowledge within a specific environment (lifestyle sports and culture), Flow Provider has the knowledge and experience to to be customised.

We also provide training courses within universities of applied sciences in the field of Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, and Event Organisation.