Tickets, Visa, Hotel

In China it’s obliged to limit / check the amount of visitors. Because of this reason it’s necessary to get a ticket before you come to Shanghai.

Participants and visitors in China, please register through Wechat: Longboardcn.

For visitors outside of China, fill in this form

For participants outside of China, check this info and fill in this form



SYCLD China ticket structure: (USD)

Participantssubscribe here and transfer the corresponding amount through Paypal


  • $35: Access to all competitions + 1 light meal/day (2 in total) + soft goods
  • $25: Access to all competitions + soft goods

Audience: fill in this form, transfer the corresponding amount through Paypal to , PRINT a copy of your transfer and bring it with you to the venue

  • $30: Access to the event + 1 light meal/day (2 in total) + soft goods
  • $20: Access to the event + soft goods
  • There won’t be anything selling at the venue due to no cash transaction is allowed.
  • Soft goods include a T-shirt(S, M, L, XL, XXL), a wristband, a bottle of water and maybe a little surprise.



For those who need a Visa to enter China, you’d need a letter of invitation and hotel confirmation to apply for one. Not all hotels in China can accommodate foreigners. Therefore, please send an email to cynthia @ solidjeepingmfg. com with below information, we’ll send you invitation letter and temporary hotel confirmation. Please notice, the hotel confirmation is just for visa purpose, not an official reservation confirmation.

Email Subject: SYCLD China (XXXXXX )ß your name
Full Name: Passport Number:
Date of Birth: Gender:
Travel Date: Arrival Date in Shanghai:



We have consulted with a hotel nearby, the hotel will offer a cheaper rate for our riders. However, cheaper rate will only apply when you book the hotel room through us. Please contact for further information.