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Dance Competition
The main contest (mixed, for men and women) will be the dance competition where selected judges from all over the world will look for style, flow and overall good skating from the contestants. There are two contests, for both sponsored and non-sponsored contestants.  This way new talent also has a place to show itself and take home some good prizes.

Women Competition
Special attention this edition will be paid to our female contestants and there will be an exclusively to be entered by women contest. Women can show what they are worth in both dancing and tricks and special prizes will be awarded to the best of them. Also here there is a sponsored and non sponsored competition.

Best Trick
Whereas the dance contest will be all about the style and flow, this contests is for those people more into freestyling. Bring your best tricks to the floor and go for it!

Execute a sweeping turn while in the manual position, combined with something mind blowing. Named after the inventor, Gordy Lienemann, who rode for Sims in the 1970’s.

Hippy Jump
Let’s see if we can get a even higher record! The Sky is the limit.

Team Battle
A minimum of 4 people form a crew and battle other crews

After the contest you can make a registration in either film or photographs and we will reward the best with some awesome prizes.

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