Let’s introduce the judges and host of SYCLD China 2017

<featured image by Marius Landwehr Photography>


Let us introduce the judging team! 


Simon Arsenidis/ 32 / Germany


Sponsored by Mantis Longboardshop, Dasilva Boards, Paris Truck Co.

Simon is excited about SYCLD because it’s Two days. Two huge halls. Hundreds of talented riders full of stoke. Do he has to say more? It will be a highlight of this year!

Just give him a nice Greek Raki, that will do it..


Lotfi Lamaali / 33 / France

Lotfi Lamaali judge worldcup longboard skate

Sponsored by Loaded boards, Orangatang wheels, Paris Truck Co and Nectar and began longboarding 9 years ago

He is super excited to be back ! Meeting the community again this year and witnessing the evolution of longboard dancing . If there was a measurement unit for longboard dancing global evolution, that would be “SYCLD”

How to to bribe him?  Well.. a true smile right after succeeding a banger trick!


Aboubakry SECK / 24 / France

Sponsored by Majutsu Longboard, Paris Truck, Remember Collective

Riding since 2015

He is dreaming every night that he is in Shangai and attending SYCLD

How to bribe him?! Show me your best smile !


Jelle Lemmens/ 25 / Belgium

picture by codeserious
Owner of Crownboards (and part of SYCLD since day 1!)
Super excited to meet the huge scene in China and meeting a lot of people.
Unbribable… ok maybe some good skating and Pizza



DoYoung Gwon/ 30/ South Korea

Sponsored by Bastl boards, Blacktop trucks, and Manaliso.

Riding since 2012.

It’s all about the big smile. Let’s have fun!


and Our HOST with the most:

Guleed Yussuf / 28 / Somaliland/Netherlands/Germany


Sponsored/part of Awhou crew, Simple Longboards, Live Long Boarders/Stoke

He has been around hosting different events over the globe, but his all time favorite is still SYCLD!

How to bribe? He is a lover of all things natural, pure and real!