the old info for those who already registered:

It is NOT possible to register or pay at the event itself. YOU SHOULD HAVE REGISTERED before the 20th of september and if you don’t have access just ask someone to do it for you!


Please fill in this form!


Please Notice, we are separating registration in China and outside of China because cash transaction is not allowed at the venue.

Participants in China, please register through Wechat: Longboardcn.

Participants outside of China, please register (REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!) and make a payment through Paypal contact @ flowprovider . com  before the event.

If you do not have a Paypal account, please make sure your friends or family could do that for you. Remember, we are not taking any cash at the venue!




Check here for further information and explanation about the competitions



SYCLD China ticket structure: (USD)


  • $35: Access to all competitions + 1 light meal/day (2 in total) + soft goods
  • $25: Access to all competitions + soft goods


  • $30: Access to the event + 1 light meal/day (2 in total) + soft goods
  • $20: Access to the event + soft goods
  • There won’t be anything selling at the venue due to no cash transaction is allowed.
  • Soft goods include a T-shirt(S, M, L, XL, XXL), a wristband, a bottle of water and maybe a little surprise.



For those who need a Visa to enter China, you’d need a letter of invitation and hotel confirmation to apply for one. Not all hotels in China can accommodate foreigners. Therefore, please send an email to cynthia @ solidjeepingmfg. com with below information, we’ll send you invitation letter and temporary hotel confirmation. Please notice, the hotel confirmation is just for visa purpose, not an official reservation confirmation.

Email Subject: SYCLD China (XXXXXX )ß your name
Full Name: Passport Number:
Date of Birth: Gender:
Travel Date: Arrival Date in Shanghai:



We have consulted with a hotel nearby, the hotel will offer a cheaper rate for our riders. However, cheaper rate will only apply when you book the hotel room through us. Please contact for further information.