So.. China!

Hi everyone!

Who would have thought 5 years ago I would have written to you about SYCLD China? I mean.. CHINA? The funny thing is that my colleague Tyrone at Flow Provider (since 2003) immediately said I should organise it in Korea. The more funny thing is that the way longboarding evolves is the same as it started with him with the breakdance competitions. That I sometimes didn’t understand some of his decisions, gave him maybe a hard time even.. and now I do understand and am thankful for the lessons he has taught me. He started in The Netherlands almost 20 years ago with one which leaded to bigger and more breakdance events.  And now he organises the biggest competitions in the world. I always said it was smart to organise something you only have to ‘roll out a black and white checker vinyl floor mat for’, bring judges, an MC and a DJ and there you go! And now for SYCLD you can even leave the vinyl floor mat behind.. BUT .. one thing can not be made, planned, organised.. and that is passion. Thinking about him I decided to write him a message just now while writing this blog. We have not seen each other in a long time.. and indeed that is what he said “Good that the community is growing, that you can do international events with people with the same passion. That is the most beautiful thing there is”. And that’s exactly it.

These kind of events can only sprout from passion and grow because of passion. This can not be planned and sold. This comes from the soul. Longboarding is in the souls of us all and all around the world. The community is growing and maturing.. and so are competitions, brands, riders. I’m happy and fortunate this SYCLD is in my hands, well our hands, because SYCLD is a whole team now. My dream is to have so many SYCLD editions in the world that everyone can attend, that this dream is in every riders reach, no matter where on the globe. But it was hard to have others taking care of it.. and had to trust the wonderful people in Asia to make it happen. But I’m confident that they do, and confident that they share the passion and the high standard SYCLD deserves. I know I didn’t make it easy for them but they kept on smiling and working their a**es off to make this a legendary first SYCLD China, much respect for that!

Only a few days to go. Everyone is so stoked and I’m so happy we can go with most of the crazy ass team! And yeah I keep on repeating .. it’s unbelievable a simple day of skating evolved to this! China here we come!

P.S. I have been asking the organisers of Longboardcn and Gravity-X to write a blog about who they are.. and how they experience organising SYCLD China. So everyone also gets to know them! Please Cynthia, K, Yuche, Misha and others do! Would be very nice for those who don’t know you yet!