Giulia Alfeo: Judge | Media

Giulia Alfeo | 1994 | Germany | Sponsored by Bastl Boards and Paris Trucks |
Longboarding since 2013
Her story
“SYCLD was one of my first dancing competitions and I was able to place on the female podium second and third time which I’m still very proud of. So for 2017 I said I want to become one of the judges since there are very few female judges in the skate scene. So this year I will continue.
As a kid I did some various kind of sports, but most importantly I went to dance classes and did ice dancing. Let me call it my very early education of longboard dancing, because back then I learned how to dance while your floating with some speed over the ice. And today I went back to that roots and started to go to dance classes again so I can get some new input for longboard dancing.
The first time I stood on a longboard in 2013 I just fell in love with the feeling standing on this magical thing. So some weeks later I bought my first longboard and tried out everything from freeriding, skateboarding to slalom skating, etc. But the »discipline« that stole my heart was longboard dancing and I got stuck with that idea that once I will be able to dance on a longboard like I would do on the floor. So since I started it I gave my best to become more and more a good dancer on a longboard. 
SYCLD is for me like a big family meeting which I’m always looking up to the whole year!
I think the first time being at SYCLD was the one which impressed me the most. All these amzingly skilled people I knew from all those skate videos I was watching every day. They were all at this place and I could skate with them!
I was so excited! The night before I went to the event, we had a big sleepover at a friends place, so we could collectively drive to Eindhoven the next morning. Because little me, being so nervous and excited about the next day, I couldn’t find sleep, so I was rolling in bed the whole night. But my bed was a squeaky air mattress, so I kept everyone awake with me. “
What would Giulia like to see in the competitions?
“I’m always looking for skaters who are able to perform fluidly in between freestyle tricks and dancing. Everything should morph together into one performance so you can’t tell if someone is dancing or doing freestyle. It should be one thing!”
The future of SYCLD
“If I could decide about the future of SYCLD in 3 or 5 years, I would first of all wish to have longer final runs. Someone who’s participating in a world cup should be able to perform a long time without getting tired and still be able to bring some varieties.
And then I would love to see some more expression! Perform to the music: is it a funny track? Or maybe emotional? Or just chill? Show it with your movement, with your face, gestures! And don’t forget to use your whole body, it isn’t made just out of two legs ;)”
“I’m curious about this year and I can’t wait to be surprised again by you guys!”