Some years ago, Timber Boards had a whole 3 square meters of storage space and an idea. At first this idea was mostly riding on enthusiasm. Through research and a lot of testing they got more and more skilled. Their vision was clear. They wanted longboarders to enjoy a durable board that was catered to their specific discipline. As they are a bunch of Dutch guys they think that it’s important that a board is versatile. There is only so much you can do with a flat surface after all. This reflects into the design of all their products. Their boards are made for heavy use. Every model is unique in its own way. They won’t say that one board is better than the other. Just that every board has its upsides and downsides.  Timber Boards wants to minimize the downsides, but will never forget the connection of the wood beneath their feet, and the earth beneath their wheels. When they started we had a few square meters and now they have their own workplace. Their goal is to be a part of the skating community in a big way, while still keeping a connection tot heir customers and the people who are doing what we all love. It’s a skate of mind!

Made in the very north of Holland we are happy to have another real Dutch handmade brand as part of SYCLD!