quinboards was founded in 2011 by two graduates of the German Sports University Cologne. Provided with knowledge about the engineering of sports equipment they started the company with the purpose to build innovative longboards „made in Germany“. After not even one year on the market, quinboards was one of the most popular brands in Germany placing 4th in a survey conducted by the most read German longboard magazine. After that, quinboards attracted attention of riders from all over the world. By now they are being sold in South-Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and several European countries.

High-end composites combined with well-chosen epoxy resins make quinboards extremely robust while the decks keep their riding characteristics even after long and intensive usage. Modern CNC-milling and powerful hydraulic presses allow for state of the art shapes while the whole development process from scratch to the final product is done in-house in the quinboards factory in Cologne. Simply a 100% made in Germany longboard.

A last minute awesome addition to the SYCLD team!!