Moonshine MFG was born on the factory floor by a group of passionate skateboarders who believed it was possible to use NEW technology to build a better deck. Founded in 2010 the Moonshine Factory was building Slingshot Kiteboards, Slingshot Wakeboards and Remote Wakeskates. The employee’s building these boards knew it was possible to use the materials, machinery and process to build a revolutionary longboard skateboarding deck. On their own time, these skateboarders designed, developed and provided a final working prototype to the Moonshine Operations Manager. These prototypes were given to some top riders for testing and the feedback was extremely positive.

Moonshine is developing a dancer. Unfortunately it wasn’t ready for SYCLD but they have send another board; The Moonshine Hooch which is a waterproof (!) Freeride and Downhill performance multi-tool.

We are really happy to have met the guys of Moonshine and really happy to have them on the team! Their technology is remarkable and we can’t wait to try their dancer for sure!