Since we’re not able to do our dance competitions ‘live’ in Eindhoven this year we decided to do a online competition. The first round of the competition is finished can be watched through Instagram 

There are the following competitions:

Dance sponsored Men / Dance sponsored Women / Dance Grom (born in 2005 or younger) / Dance non sponsored Men / Dance non sponsored Women

THE CONTESTANTS WHO MADE IT TO THE FINALS (you will get a message through Instagram) have to do the following:

– Make a 1 minute video of a dance and freestyle line (video’s shorter are not accepted) it has to be uncut but color adjustment, zoom, stabiliser and music are allowed. Max file size is 2GB.  

– Send a WETRANSFER link by email (or other downloadable link) before the 1st of December 2020 to contact @ sycld . nl . In the email should be your instagram as well as full name, country, category and possible sponsors. (please make sure you get an answer to be sure we have received your email) 

– DO NOT PUBLISH YOUR VIDEO ELSEWHERE (we like to make a hype and suspense around every one of you!) 

The winners will be picked at the end of December !!! 

Check here Instagram or Facebook for the latest news. 

Good luck!