Results So.. You Can Longboard Dance?

Results SYCLD 2018


Aboubakry Sadikh Seck – Senegal, Majutsu Longboard / Remember Collective Intl / Paris Truck Co.

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Best GROM Milla Tran

1ste place: Aboubakry SECK – Senegal Majutsu Longboard / Remember Collective Intl / Paris Truck Co.
2nd place: Sven Schiefer – Zürich, Switzerland
3rd place: Blin – Spain  Bustin Boards, CALIBER TRUCK CO., Skate Blood Orange


1ste place: Moon – Korea, Pepperboardskorea, Victorboardshop
2nd place: Yuna Kang – Korea (South)
DaSilvaboards, Remember Collective, Powertector 공동구매
3rd place: Giulia Alfeo – Germany, Bastl Boards, Paris Truck Co.


1ste place: Aboubakry Sadikh Seck – Senegal, Majutsu Longboard / Remember Collective Intl / Paris Truck Co.
2nd place: Kim bumseok – Korea, Paris Truck Co., Travelol
3rd place: Bronno Brélvis – Brazil Hondar Longboards
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1st place: Robert (Chua Ka Sin) – Singapore
2nd place: Max Pieters – Netherlands
3rd place: Feather Lin Yuen – Taiwan
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1st place: Kate Voynova – Russia
2nd place: Luke Arcinno – Brazil
3rd place: Alan Deilon – Brazil
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Danhiez Pierre

The best Asian rider at SYCLD China 2017

check here for all results of SYCLD China

2017 Eindhoven

Dance Sponsored

1. WORLD CHAMPION Jianyuan Geng 🇨🇳 Loaded Boards, BEAR Trucks, Orangatang Wheels, S-team,

2. Gabriel de La Tour 🇫🇷 Timberboards

3. Marijn Floris Smit 🇳🇱 Simple longboards, Brokeart

Photo: S‘Pin / Maria Arndt

Dance Girls

1. Cande Toledo Baeza 🇪🇸
Caribbean Sport Shop, goat longboards, Oowl España, Nature Media

2. Kate Voynova 🇷🇺
Pepper Boards, Paris Truck Co., Sony – Action Cam, Wasted Hours Clothing

3. Deborah Keser 🇩🇪 Simple Longboards, Manaliso,Walzen Wheels
Photo: S‘Pin / Maria Arndt

Best Trick 

1. Juan Pelirrojo
Goat Longboards, Toxicboardshop, Urethane Burners

2. Victor Ausiukevich
Longbioards, Kainaskateshop, Simplyboards

3. Vico López
Original Skateboards


1. Fabio Martinez
Original Skateboards, RDVX, KySygni Longboards, UziCo Presicion

2. Sebastian Eberlein
Dasilva Boards, Orangatang Wheels

3. Djemoi Deteirre

Photo: S‘Pin / Maria Arndt

Hippy Jump

1. (1.40 m.) Pierre Daniels

2. Gijs Schalkx
Randal, Bustin, District16

3. Mathis Lucas
Majutsu longboard, WeyzClothing, Frenchrocket

Photo: S‘Pin / Maria Arndt

Non Sponsored Dance

1. Djemol Dethiere

2. Allard Hebbink
The Netherlands

3. Sven Schiefer

4. Aubry Kolaj
Longboard Moldu Crew

Photo: S‘Pin / Maria Arndt



1 BRENNO GOMES BECKER / Brasil / Brasil Boards
2 Do Young / Korea / Bastl boards Blacktop trucks Manaliso Typica sunglasses
3 Lotfi Lamaali / France / Loaded boards, Orangatang wheels, Paris trucks, Nectar, Docksession
4 Nil Bellmunt / Spain / Original Skateboards, Kaina Skate shop longboard


1 Deborah Keser / Germany/ Simple longboards
2 Giulia Alfeo / Germany/ Iriedaily Berlin , Bastl Boards, S*pin
3 Femke Bosma / NL / Simple longboards and Wasted Hours Clothing


1 Mor Wolf Wax  / Germany / Timber Boards, Cosmopolithane Wheels, AWHOU!
2 Marijn Floris Smit  / The Netherlands / Simple Longboards, BrokeArt
3 Hans Wouters / Belgium / Crownboards , Caliber Truck Co , Blood Orange, Manaliso Berlin



1 Gabriel la Tour
2 Giacomo Gally
3 Julius Everard
4 Yoth Loenders


1 Sebastian Eberlein
2 Luutse Brouwer
3 Roderick van Dijken


Hippy Jump:
1. Gijs Schalkxs 
2. Chano Sebastian Perales


DANCE sponsored

SYCLD 2015 winners DANCE sponsored photo: Katharina LeuckAs expected, the DANCE Contest for sponsored riders presented the highest skill level of the day. For the first time, this category also allowed female contestants; Guilia Alfeo, winner of the girl contest, even reached the co-ed final round. Even though the winners of last year, for example Jeff Ellis, made it into the final round as well, a new trio of sponsored riders made it onto this year’s podium.

1. Carl “Cabrón” Fölster, Germany
Bolzen Trucks, FÄDD, Schichtwechsel, SolalaLongboards, Soul Headphones

2. Pablo Nicieza (BLIN), Spain
Bastl Boards

3. Do Young, Korea
Bastl Boards

As the winner of DANCE sponsored, Carl is also the OVERALL WINNER SYCLD 2015 and gets to skate the GOLDEN TROPHY BOARD for a year wearing a matching golden helmet by Triple Eight.


DANCE non-sponsored

IMG_0859Also very skilled, the non-sponsored riders in the DANCE competition did their best to impress the judges. In the end, three guys from Belgium, Spain and Germany danced their way into the jury’s hearts and up onto the podium.

The winners of SYCLD DANCE non-sponsored are:

1. Arnaud Vankeirsblick, Belgium
2. Sergio Evan, Spain
3. Joel Souza Cabrera, Germany




GIRL CONTEST sponsored

IMG_0832Also for the first time this year, the number of female contestants was large enough to divide the Girl Contest into a sponsored and non-sponsored category. The sponsored ladies wooed the judges with elegance and grace, but also with their precision and creativity when it came to more complicated tricks. Dancing Queen of the day was definitely Guilia Alfeo, who rightfully earned that nickname thanks to her super-smooth dance moves.

The winners of the sponsored Girl Contest are:

1. Giulia Alfeo, Germany –
Bastl Boards, Rip&Noise Skateroom

2. Cindy Zhou, Canada –
Skate Invaders, Loaded, Orangatang, G-Form, Paris Trucks, and XS Helmets

3. Deborah Keser, Germany
Simple Longboards


GIRL CONTEST non-sponsored

IMG_0812It’s great to see that more and more girls are not only getting into longboarding, but also into competing. A considerable number of new and old non-sponsored contestants entered the stage, some of them not even 10 years old. Even though the skill gap between the youngsters and the finalists weren’t quite obvious, everyone had a blast and enjoyed themselves.

The non-sponsored winners of the Girl Contest 2015 are:

1. Coco, Germany
2. Jade Emily, Canary Islands
3. Neza Atar, the Netherlands



Hippy Jump

Photo: Marius Landwehr
Gijs during his winning jump. Photo: Marius Landwehr


Jumping over a stick on a longboard – for outsiders this idea is still hard to grasp, but in Eindhoven, some true Hippy Jump experts stepped up to defy physics and gravity. The best three Hippy Jumpers of this year’s competition are:

1. Gijs Schalkx, The Netherlands
Timber Boards, Boardfather, Randal Trucks Co

2. Simon Arsenidis, Germany
Airflow Skateboards
Mantis Longboardshop

2. Linden Nieto, Spain
992 Custom Longboards
Bel Boards


Winners Hippy Jump 2015



Best G-Turn

Best G-Turn

The three contestants with the best G-turns in all of Eindhoven are:
1.Eloi Pujol Ribalta, Spain
Long Island Longboards/ BUHOO/ Lien Mataro / Kinetik Supply /Die Equipment / Taller de Surf
2. Andrei Churacov, Belgium
Fireball, Original Skateboards
3. Renze van der Brink

So… You can G-turn? #SYCLD #bestgturn

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Photo competition 2015

Winner Maria Arndt



Winner Video Contest: Riding Adventures



Results So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2014

Winner Film Contest: Tobi Seifert

Hippie Jump
1) Steffen Kstr (GERMANY / Mathilda longboards, Mantis longboard Shop)
2) Lotfi Lamaali (FRANCE / Loaded boards , orangatang wheels, Paris trucks, Pony shoes , gform protects)
2) Sebastian Delgado (SPAIN / Wildboar-d)

Best Trick
1) Renze v/d Brink (BELGIUM / All4skate-shop Antwerpen)
2) Simon Arsedenis (GERMANY / Airflow)
3) Sam Holding (UNITED KINGDOM / Original Skateboards, Orangatang, Thrill Magazine, Newton’s Shred, Vooray Apparel)

Dancing (non sponsored)
1) Tom Schaeffer (LUXEMBOURG)
2) Will Edwards (NETHERLANDS)
3) Steve Jung (SOUTH-KOREA)

1) Deborah Käser (GERMANY / Simple Longboards)
2) Melanie Golz (GERMANY / Simple Longboards, Concrete Wave Skateshop)
3) Femke Bosma (NETHERLANDS / Simple Longboards)

Dancing (sponsored)
1) Jeff Ellis (GERMANY / Simple Longboards, Bleed Organic Clothing, Manaliso Clothing)
2) Arto Rohde (NETHERLANDS / Bastl Board)
3) Jon Haarhuis (NETHERLANDS / Simple Longboards, Roots Street Wear)

GERMANY: Jeff Ellis (Simple Longboards, Bleed Organic Clothing, Manaliso Clothing)