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Trailer 2018 by Peter Lahr Films


Impression of SYCLD 2017

(la créme de la créme by Achel Machin on behalf of Majutsu)


(after movie by Peter Lahr)


Recap “So.. You Can Longboard Dance? China” in search for the best Asian rider 2017


Recap So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2016

2 days, Worldcup .. what else can we say than that it was amazing!

Check the winning edit of Riding Adventures



Recap So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2015

.. was bigger in size not only in contestants and visitors but also in the amount of pictures and video’s made. Too many to post so we hereby post links to where to find this huge amount of coverage!


The winning registration of 2015 by Riding Adventures


Here you can find some event registrations of the past events


winner film contest 2014

teaser 2014

more from 2014


teaser 2013

more from 2013



Some reviews of the past editions


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Españoles por Eindhoven

So… you can Longboard Dance



”So You Think You Can Longboard Dance” event report

So you think you can longboard Dance?