Skatepro Skatepark Party

This year there is again a small big party in AreaFiftyOne Skatepark, on the other side of the street from the ‘Klokgebouw’.

The small part is the catching up and enjoying a beer and some tunes at the bar.

The BIG PART about the party is FREE ACCESS to one of the BIGGEST (>3000 m2) indoor wooden SKATEPARKS of EUROPE! 

This very nice easter present is brought to you by SKATEPRO! Who will also provide you with nice goodies! 

Skatepro is an online skateshop, founded in 1996, with two physical shops in Denmark.  Skatepro support hundreds of events every year and support 90 ambassadors within their passion on a continuous base.  What better partner to bring such a great evening to all of you, give a big thanks to Skatepro!

Start: straight after the end of the SYCLD Saturday (+/- 21.00) 

The park and bar closes at 0.00 hours so everyone is fresh for the day after!