SO.. Prizes SYCLD 2019

In 2019 there will be prize money for two categories:

Dance Sponsored Open

1st: € 500 | 2nd: € 300 | 3rd: € 100 *

The winner of Dance Sponsored will also receive the golden trophy board (made by Crownboards) which changes hands from world champion open to world champion open each year.

Dance Sponsored Women

1st: € 250 | 2nd: € 150 | 3rd: € 50 *

The winner of the Women Dance will also receive the women trophy (made by Majutsu) which changes hands hands from world champion in women division to world champion in women division each year.

Within the other competitions the winners of the podium places will win heaps of gear!

* Explanation:

Equal prize money Sponsored Women and Sponsored Open competitions

The organisation of SYCLD practices prize money equality according to a model also used by the World Surf league, check their statement here.

The equal prize money model in practice within SYCLD 

73% of the sponsored riders compete in the ‘Open’ competition and 27% compete in the ‘Women’ competition. The prize money is divided equally among the amount of contestants. Like last year, within the women competition we added more per contestant.

Check here for more information about the competitions