SO.. Prizes SYCLD 2018

In 2018 there will be prize money for two categories:

Dance Sponsored (mixed)

1st: € 500 | 2nd: € 300 | 3rd: € 100 *

The winner of Dance Sponsored will also receive the golden trophy board (made by Crownboards) which changes hands from WORLD CHAMPION to world champion each year. Until someone skates it to pieces (like Brenno did).

Dance Women

1st: € 200 | 2nd: € 100 | 3rd: € 50 *

The winner of the Women Dance will also receive the women trophy (made by Majutsu) which changes hands from female winner to female winner each year.

Within the other competitions the winners of the podium places will win heaps of gear!


* Explanation:

Why prize money?

We have chosen to introduce prize money in these competitions because the podium winners of these competitions are sponsored riders who have no need for extra gear. So it is mainly sold after the event. To avoid this we offer now cash prizes.

Why a difference in amount between Dance Sponsored and Dance Women? 

Some people still make the ‘mistake’ to think the Dance Sponsored competition is a men’s competition but it is not! It’s a mixed competition. Most women choose to join the Dance Women competition so that is why the Dance Sponsored competition is dominated by men.

The Dance Women competition has 1/3 of the amount of contestants compared to Dance Sponsored. This is a reason why the prize money is less, the chance of winning is much bigger. To be clear, this is not a ‘men vs women’ issue where women get less prize money. The main competition is Dance Sponsored and we hope many women will join in this competition. <If there would be ‘Dance Women’ and a ‘Dance Men’ competition the prize money would be equal. Now the women are actually privileged by having a competition men can’t participate in :). >