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these are the different Dance competitions:

– DANCE OPEN SPONSORED RIDERS (for male and female riders)

– DANCE OPEN NON SPONSORED RIDERS (for male and female riders)



– DANCE GROMS (boys and girls age 1-15 )

Difference between Dance ‘Open’ and ‘Women’

Both men and women can participate in ‘Dance Open’. The ‘Open Dance Sponsored’ competition is the main competition of the event.

‘Women dance’ competition is only accessible for women. Women can only subscribe to one of the Dance competitions, so either ‘Open’ or the ‘Women’ Competition.

Difference between sponsored and non-sponsored

The difference is mainly in level and about the question whether you already have one or more sponsors. You can subscribe to any category you prefer, but the ‘non sponsored’ is mainly there to give all riders and not only the pro level ones a chance to compete. Riders within ‘non sponsored’ also have a great opportunity to draw the attention of potential sponsors.

So also ‘non sponsored’ riders can join in the ‘sponsored’ competition (but not in both!).


The Grom competition will select the best riders up to 15 years old. Groms need to be accompanied by an adult who is present during the run(s)

Duration of runs

Non sponsored: Pre selection + semi final: 1 min. Final 1,5 min.

Sponsored: Pre selection 1 min. Semi final and final 1,5 min.

The judging of ‘Dance’

There are NO obstaclesin the competition area.

What will judges be looking forin the ‘Dance’ competitions?

The judges are looking for the full package. A run that includes dancing that is accompanied by a variety of technical tricks . A showcase of your own style, flow (speed, consistency, combos) and creativity (innovation). The overall difficulty level of your lines will also be taken in consideration. And most important, they just want to see you have fun and enjoy yourself!




The contest area is 45 m. x 12.5 m.

The judges are seated in the middle of the long side. 

It has a smooth polished surface, more slippery then rough. 




All these competitions are ‘open’, so for men and women (and also accessible for groms)

Best Trick

Whereas the dance contest will be all about the style and flow, this contest is for freestyling. Bring your best tricks to the floor and go for it!

The tricks are judged on creativity, difficulty, technicality and style.

One trick for which you get a second try if you don’t land the first.


As G-Turn we count a manual on your nose or tail describing at least a “G” or a “C”, anything less doesn’t count.

The G-Turn can be introduced, ended or interrupted by a trick.

More than 2 wheels on the ground end the combo and therefore the try.

Extra points will be rewarded for creativity, difficulty and style.

One G turn for which you get a second try if you don’t succeed the first.

Hippy Jump

The competition starts at the height of 90 cm.


More information about the crew competition will be given when we are sure we can fit it in time wise.

Film and photo

The film and photo competition is a contest which will be held mainly after the event. If you register for this you’ll have to do your best the registrate the event on either film or photographs. The best cinematographic impression of the event will win.

More information you can find here



The podium places of Dance Women Sponsored and Dance Open Sponsored will receive a money prize (the height announced later)

The podium winners other competitions will receive gear prizes.


Do you have questions to our team of judges, ask them HERE