Film & Photo Contest: What to do?

Dear competitors,

You have subscribed (or will do that when you read THIS)  to the photo- and film contest and now what to do?

There are two chances to win:
1. The best cinematographic impression of the event will be selected and win! This is a judge decision where also the reaction of the public plays a big role.

How to enter the competition:
1. Make an (awesome, beautiful, artistic, touching, accurate or which choice you want to make) registration of “So.. You Can Longboard Dance?”

2. Film: Put the film online (Youtube or Vimeo) and add the link to the subscription form or send it to We will add your video to the SYCLD playlist on Youtube or channel on Vimeo. Send uw via wetransfer a one minute video trailer so we can promote your entry via our channels. You will receive an email with a visual to put in your video with the right logo etc. If you need more, like logo’s etc just send us a message.

3. Pictures: Wetransfer the picture(s) (10 max) you like to attend with to Please put your name in the file name and at the picture itself. We’ll put them on the event page of Facebook and Instagram with your name. If you don’t want to have your picture used in next years press release (of course always with your name) let us know!

>> BEFORE 30-5-2020 !!

4. If you like to join the most viewed and likes contest, read the URL of your video or picture(s)!! at 15.6.2020 we will announce the winner!

For all things you put online just randomly please #SYCLD or #sycld2020

Vimeo channel:

Youtube playlist: