FAQ Judging and competitions

1. Dance – durations of runs: 1 minute pre selection, ‘non sponsored’ 1 minute semi final, ‘sponsored’ 1,5 minute in semi final. Both 1,5 minutes in final

2. Dance- difference between sponsored and non-sponsored:  is mainly in level and about the question whether you already get gear and decks sponsored. You can subscribe to any category you prefer, but the non-sponsored is mainly there to give other riders except from the well known riders a chance. So also non-sponsored can join in the ‘sponsored’ competition (but not in both!).

3. General- Mixed competitions: Both boys and girls can participate in all competitions except for the Girls Competition.

4. Women competition– The women dance competition is of course only accessible for girls. This competition will be split in ‘sponsored girls’ and ‘non sponsored girls’ when the amount of contestants exceed the amount of riders in the other Dance competitions.

5. General – there are NO obstacles in the competition area.

6. Dance: What will judges be looking for in the competitions?

The judges are looking for the full package. A run that includes dancing that is accompanied by a variety of technical tricks . A showcase of your own style, flow (speed, consistency, combos) and creativity (innovation). The overall difficulty level of your lines will also be taken in consideration. And most important, they just want to see you have fun and enjoy yourself!

7. Best Trick: One trick for which you get 2 tries if you don’t land the first.

do you have questions to our team of judges, ask them HERE