For more information and registration check this form

REGISTRATION CLOSES at the 18 th of April 2018 at 0.00 CET 


These are the competitions:

DANCE (you can choose ONE)

– DANCE SPONSORED RIDERS (for male and female riders)

– DANCE NON SPONSORED RIDERS (for male and female riders)


– GROM (age 1-15 )






VIDEO / PHOTO (check here for more info)


Futher information and explanation:

The difference between sponsored and non-sponsored is mainly in level and about the question whether you already get gear and decks sponsored. You can subscribe to any category you prefer, but the non-sponsored is mainly there to give other riders except from the well known riders a chance. For both there will be amazing prizes! So also non-sponsored can join in the ‘sponsored’ competition (but not in both!). Both men and women can participate in ‘Dance’.

The women dance competition is of course only accessible for women. This competition will be split in ‘sponsored women’ and ‘non sponsored women’ when the amount of contestants exceed the amount of riders in the other Dance competitions. Women can only subscribe to one of the Dance competitions, so either mixed (sponsored or non sponsored) or the Women Competition. For more information about the competitions check: FAQ Judging and Competitions

The film and photo competition is a contest which will be held mainly after the event. If you register for this you’ll have to do your best the registrate the event on either film or photographs. The best cinematographic impression of the event will also have a chance at prizes.



Apart from registering here it is required to confirm your registration by checking in at the event itself. You can do so next to the bar at the venue at the registration desk.

It is NOT possible to register at the event itself, it’s too busy at the registration desk for that so you’ll make other people wait. REGISTER in time and if you don’t have access just ask someone to do it for you!

The fee to compete is 15 € total, no matter how many competitions you take part in. Please bring the amount to pay accurate to the venue in cash (no payment in cards possible) we have no change.  Thanks!