Bianca Kersten: Boss (they say)

Bianca Kersten | born a long long time ago | Dutch but living in Spain Longboarding since 7 years Her story “Founded SYCLD 6 years ago when the Eindhoven crew, which I was a part of, wanted to go skating indoor because of the bad weather. The owner of the venue, who I know, agreed to let us skate there and the whole world came. Whoops! Luckily my background in event organisation came to use and with the great support of some awesome people it became what it is now!   I started longboarding because I have a horse who then […]

Jelle Lemmens: right + left hand & brain

Jelle Lemmens/ 1992 / Belgium Judge at the very first edition. (Crucial!) part of the team ever since. His(story) “Skated when I was younger, fell in love with woodworking and the scene after. To me SYCLD is a Family reunion. What impressed me the most is seeing it grow from a Sunday skate day to what it is today. The most funny thing at SYCLD is seeing Bianca’s panic face when she thinks something is going wrong but knowing it’s ok.” In the competitions he’d like to see new talents who come out of nowhere and absolutely kill it! What […]

Achel Machin: Judge

Achel Machin | 1992 | Sponsored by Majutsu Longboard, Paris Trucks and Blood Orange Wheels. Longboarding since 2014 SYCLD history: After three years competing, he was judging in China and will also judge Eindhoven now. He also has a LOT of talent as a film maker (check the Majutsu SYCLD video ‘la créme de la créme’)   His(s)tory: ” Skated when I was a kid and ten years later I discovered longboard Dancing/Freestyle at DockSession Paris. I fell in love with it immediately and have been riding as much as possible ever since !    SYCLD is the first contest […]

Lotfi Lamaali: Advisor judging team

Lotfi Lamaali / 33 / France Sponsored by Loaded boards, Orangatang wheels, Paris Truck Co and Nectar and began longboarding 9 years ago He is super excited to be back ! Meeting the community again this year and witnessing the evolution of longboard dancing . If there was a measurement unit for longboard dancing global evolution, that would be “SYCLD” How to to bribe him?  Well.. a true smile right after succeeding a banger trick!

Giulia Alfeo: Judge | Media

Giulia Alfeo | 1994 | Germany | Sponsored by Bastl Boards and Paris Trucks | Longboarding since 2013 Her story “SYCLD was one of my first dancing competitions and I was able to place on the female podium second and third time which I’m still very proud of. So for 2017 I said I want to become one of the judges since there are very few female judges in the skate scene. So this year I will continue. As a kid I did some various kind of sports, but most importantly I went to dance classes and did ice dancing. […]

Duude Jr: Judge

Werner Wildberger (aka Duude Junior) / 35 /Austria Sponsored by Wasted Hours Clothing, running Simple Longboards and been skating for 25 (!) years He is as stoked as a little kid waiting for santa claus to arrive! Can be bribed in the same way as Guleed, so bring on those.. apples