Playground Festival

Playground Festival is a 3 day adventure where everybody has a chance to try and explore active sports and their culture. A place where experienced riders share their experience to rookies. Playground is a place to feel, experience the moment and find your passion. Do what gives you the joy of living! Last year Playground Festival was stocked to have DoYoung Gwon, who inspired the local riders and gave a boost to the growing longboard dancing community. This year Playground Festival is giving away free tickets to SYCLD winners and hopes to see more riders at the funkiest 3 days […]

AOB – Area One Boards – made in GERMANY

For them this is an old dream to come true. They have been looking to work together with European manufacturers for a long time and it has been a struggle to have the decks produced in a matter and with a quality that meets their own standards. On their quest to find extraordinary craftsmanship and the ability to process high performance composites they have finally been successful. They are happy to have found On The Grind Sporting Goods based in Cologne, Germany to produce a really high-end lineup covering a wide range of disciplines from dancing to downhill. Welcome to […]

Kendama Europe Company

Europe’s first Kendama company brings you the highest quality Kendama for competition and freestyle usage. Kendama gives you the possibility of performing all kind of flips and tricks everywhere you can’t board. Kendama is great fun to play and offers you everytime you grab it a new challenge. Learn the basics beginn with Kenflips and Whirlwinds before you develope your own style full of endless tricks and combos. Give it a try and use your 15% discount code on your first Kendama Europe Ken at Of course the code is: SYCLD Play hard – Create Style

A future on wheels

“A future on wheels” is an amazing longboarding project in Chiro Village (Cambodia) with the NGO OBT (Organization for the basic training) and his director Pot Sophal, by Jildou Dammers , Jay Alexis Nieto Ramirez and Culiba Ballesta Torres. With your help and together they can make their dream to come true. Check the video below, filmed by Tim Snel, a local kid and Culiba. The logo has been made by Eddy Dessaso and the video has been edited by Miquel Moya Flaquer.  Go and support this project!! Kids are the future of longboarding and for these kids longboarding is their […]


“One Love For All”  One purpose, One Heart and One Love all the Love from S.Korea  Eco Sunglasses brands and the big love skate shop at Seoul 

BBQ Board Shop

In China, BBQ Board shop is broadly known by almost every longboard skater and fan. They are delighted to organize a variety of competitions, meetings and other activities. They hope to see more people being able to experience the joy of longboarding. One thing else to mention is that they ONLY sell longboarding-related equipments. The shop is located in Changsha, China. A big welcome to our colleagues of BBQ Board Shop!

504 longboard shop Beijing

504 longboard shop

All the way from China! 504 longboard shop, is a longboard shop located in the China’s capital. Located in Beijing’s Shunyi District. The 504 long board club has been working to promote China’s local longboard movement, that more young people know the longboard, enjoy the fun of longboard. They have many international longboard brands and provide the most professional services. Currently they are trying to make their our own board, if you see a Chinese style longboard, yes, that is their products and we hope to see that one represented at SYCLD!  Always welcome to Beijing to skate at 504 […]


quinboards was founded in 2011 by two graduates of the German Sports University Cologne. Provided with knowledge about the engineering of sports equipment they started the company with the purpose to build innovative longboards „made in Germany“. After not even one year on the market, quinboards was one of the most popular brands in Germany placing 4th in a survey conducted by the most read German longboard magazine. After that, quinboards attracted attention of riders from all over the world. By now they are being sold in South-Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and several European countries. High-end composites combined with […]

Endless Skate

Endless Skate startet in 2015 and is a skater owned shop in the heart of Hamburg Bergedorf. They have put together Longboarding and Lifestyle and created Endless Skate to give you the wonderful feeling of freedom while riding with your own board hanging around with your friends at the beach or chilling in front of a campfire. Endless Skate – Follow your inner flow!“


BTFL started as the first longboard brand made for girls in 2015. BTFL – “beautiful longboards” – develops boards and designs specifically for young women. Tailored to women’s body sizes and weights, the construction and individual technical features of the BTFL boards allow lighter, more petite riders to cruise comfortably on their BTFL longboards. These make it easier for beginners to learn, and also give advanced riders the chance to go to their limits. We are so happy to have this brand join us for making the women shine and kick ass!!

Blood Orange

Based in Santa Cruz, CA, one of the original hotbeds of skateboarding, Blood Orange strives to bring you premium aftermarket skateboard accessories. At first it was a goal to make a great bushing for Caliber Trucks. Then they decided they liked them so much that they should offer them as aftermarket products for everyone to enjoy (no matter what truck you ride). After getting a great response for their bushings, they decided to develop premium aftermarket skateboard accessories including griptape, slide gloves, hardware, and wheels among other things. The things we all need! Bring it on!!

Caliber Trucks Co.

Caliber Truck Co. is a skateboard truck brand dedicated to creating the highest-quality trucks on the market. They bring a minimalist mentality to the design of their trucks, giving you everything you want and nothing more. In their mind quality will always come first. After all, how can you sell a product that you wouldn’t be stoked to ride? And of course we are very stoked to welcome Caliber to the team!!!  

Chalk Custom Board

More than just a cross-art collective dedicated to board art (skate, surfboard, snowboard, longboard), Chalk Custom Board Project aims to promote artists coming from various horizons such as painting, drawing, graffiti, screen printing, engraving, linoleum work, lazer cutting and much more. Come and discover their work through more than 50 custom-made boards and see them live in action through some live painting during the event! <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Smile Longboards

Smile Longboards is an online shop based in Brighton on the South coast of England, specialised in beautiful handcrafted boards from around the globe. Apart from providing UK and European riders with their next ride they also work towards promoting the local longboarding scene while doing their best to increase the stoke around the world during travels, collaborations and day-today business. So.. you can understand why we are happy to welcome Smile Longboards to the team!


Moonshine MFG was born on the factory floor by a group of passionate skateboarders who believed it was possible to use NEW technology to build a better deck. Founded in 2010 the Moonshine Factory was building Slingshot Kiteboards, Slingshot Wakeboards and Remote Wakeskates. The employee’s building these boards knew it was possible to use the materials, machinery and process to build a revolutionary longboard skateboarding deck. On their own time, these skateboarders designed, developed and provided a final working prototype to the Moonshine Operations Manager. These prototypes were given to some top riders for testing and the feedback was extremely […]

Triple Eight

When you think about action sports protective gear, the only name you need to know is Triple Eight. Why? Because Triple Eight is a company that embodies everything that is pure, authentic and soulful in skateboarding and beyond, much like New York City itself. For the past 15 years, Triple Eight have brought you the highest quality protective gear. Triple Eight supports the Longboard lessons in a huge way! With big amount of great helmets to keep the pupils safe while learning. To celebrate their support there will be also a Triple Eight helmet being given away at the event, […]


We welcome a (yet) fairly unknown manufacturer in the longboard world, Lazer! The Lazer helmets are the result of over 90 years of experience and Lazer is one of the most innovating helmet companies in the world. Currently Lazer designs, manufactures and markets in more than 50 countries, over 5 continents. The helmets they make are lightweight and so comfortable you may forget you’re wearing it. A skate inspired helmet, brought to you by the oldest helmet manufacturer, gives you style with piece of mind. Lazer donated a huge amount of helmets for the longboard lessons in general but they […]

Longboard Larry

We are happy like a kid on his birthday to add Longboard Larry to the SYCLD supporters team! We just love the Longboard Larry boards. Their goal is to provide the highest quality custom hand-made boards that look as good as they ride, and they do! Check  


Airflow boards are Swiss quality handcrafted. There are different lengths and shapes in all degree of hardness available and an extraordinary feature of Airfow is the transparent, high adhesive and long-lasting special coating on the topside of the board.  We can’t wait to check it out the 22nd!! Welcome to the SYCLD team Airflow! check out:

992 Longboards

992 Longboards was born in Valencia, at the end of 2011 with one idea, to get a product with the best possible adaptation of the board toward the rider, for this they use their passion for wood and sport. We are happy to welcome 992 as a new sponsor in 2015! Another great brand from Spain! check:


Some years ago, Timber Boards had a whole 3 square meters of storage space and an idea. At first this idea was mostly riding on enthusiasm. Through research and a lot of testing they got more and more skilled. Their vision was clear. They wanted longboarders to enjoy a durable board that was catered to their specific discipline. As they are a bunch of Dutch guys they think that it’s important that a board is versatile. There is only so much you can do with a flat surface after all. This reflects into the design of all their products. Their boards […]


Crownboards are custom handcrafted longboards from Belgium. A wide variety of the most beautiful boards made with heart and soul. Made to be a crown on you longboard skills! Crownboards is making something really special as a prize for the contests!!! check:

Goat Longboards

Goat is a family. Everyone around them make things go, and go better. The people behind the brand are the energy that drives them. The energy they provide and the great boards they make is a really great addition to the sponsors and participants of SYCLD. Stoked to have them over! Check out their site and feel right at home!

Root Longboards

“It`s about the passion for freeriding and crafting the finest woodwork“ Root Longboards was established in 2008. It’s a small longboard manufacturer firmly rooted in South Germany. Several years of meticulous testing and prototyping has culminated in ROOTlongboards developing different types of wood cores. Each core is designed with a particular discipline of riding in mind. This could be purely for downhill, freeriding, carving, slalom or for a combination of riding applications. We are happy to welcome this sponsor to the event in 2015! check:


G-Form was founded by avid athletes that shared in a common vision of using advanced polymer technology to revolutionize impact protection and vibration dampening for competition. They are new at the team and were the first this edition to send us a very nice box of gear and goodies! It’s been hard for us not to touch and try!! Check out their great protection gear for longboarding at:

The Boardfather

  This was one of the smaller longboard/skateshops that have their heart in the right place. Although the shop as it was doesn’t exist anymore they do a lot for the community and have been supporters from the first moment. The name “So.. You Can longboard Dance?” is a wink to the event they organised called “Dancing with the Stars”. Maarten of the Boardfather is still like our daddy, making sure the competitions are set up and executed in the right way.


  All the way from Israel these hippies provide you with the most beautiful dancing boards out there. The hardest part of organising SYCLD is handing over their boards to the winners. If you see us cry this year, you’ll know why! We hope we have our brothers with us in person this year, the nicest guys out there! check:

Flow Provider

  The company behind it all! Founded over 10 years ago, Flow Provider has been at the roots of streetculture and streetsports teaching in schools and organising events for those who compete at the top. Please make sure to check our website as we offer a lot of different events and lessons in boardsports and streetculture! check:


Dedicated to the growth of board sports through performance, community and creative expression Loaded is the most well-known longboard brand out there. And we are so proud they are part of the awesome people who support SYCLD in a big way! They are making it possible for their team riders to come from all over the world to participate and one of their ambassadors is a member of the team of judges! Thank you Loaded to make SYCLD a top level competition! check:

Longboard Girls Crew

We have a special Girls competition to have them shine extra! The great inspiration for girls comes from our sisters from Longboard Girls Crew! And we have awesome news, they give away their brand new first official deck! It was designed by Valeria Kechichian, Ingo of Icone Longboards and ConceteWave Skateshop. This deck is a great allrounder with a symmetrical shape. Made in Europe. Wow! check:

Olson & Hekmati

OLSON & Hekmati is now one of the best known and most popular German longboard brands and one of the largest German manufacturers.  These builders of beautiful boards supported us  throughout the last year and this year again they are part of the team. Thank you guys!  check:


  Orangatang provides one of the finest wheels to dance on. And will be supporting the event again as well, in a big way! They are also sending team riders from all over the globe, so awesome! Even if you know their wheels, check their website and laugh your socks off!


  At Original Skateboards they see longboarding differently. they know that a longboard is so much more than just a longer skateboard and for that reason they knew that using nothing more than oversized traditional skateboard trucks and boards, while hoping for a different result, would never get them where they wanted to go. This great supporting brand is again represented at our event and two of their team members are part of the team of judges!! check:

Simple Longboards

  Simple is one of the SYCLD team members from day one. This event is made with their input and knowledge and everyone knows the beautiful Platypus family Simple offers. Simple supports the longboard lessons so a lot of people get their first steps into what can be a bright SYCLD competition future on a Simple. That’s what the community is about. check: