SO.. LIVE BROADCAST by Loaded and Landyachtz

SO.. this year you can see So.. You Can Longboard Dance? from anywhere in the world!! No more crying that you have to miss it! Landyachtz and Loaded are making sure you won’t miss a thing! We are teaming up with All Year Long who will be there to capture and stream everything right into your living room!  Maybe you’ll see even more.. because they will hang out behind the scenes to interview the fast and furious, the bad and the ugly, the bold and the beautiful! All through the lens of All Year Long! Be sure to tune in 21th and […]


Results So.. You Can Longboard Dance?   The best Asian rider at SYCLD China 2017 check here for all results of SYCLD China 2017 Eindhoven Dance Sponsored 1. WORLD CHAMPION Jianyuan Geng 🇨🇳 Loaded Boards, BEAR Trucks, Orangatang Wheels, S-team, 2. Gabriel de La Tour 🇫🇷 Timberboards 3. Marijn Floris Smit 🇳🇱 Simple longboards, Brokeart Photo: S‘Pin / Maria Arndt Dance Girls 1. Cande Toledo Baeza 🇪🇸 Caribbean Sport Shop, goat longboards, Oowl España, Nature Media 2. Kate Voynova 🇷🇺 Pepper Boards, Paris Truck Co., Sony – Action Cam, Wasted Hours Clothing 3. Deborah Keser 🇩🇪 Simple Longboards, Manaliso,Walzen Wheels […]

Footage and Media

click here for So.. You Can Longboard Dance? PRESS INFO   Social media:  Facebook page    |    Facebook event    |    Instagram Video footage: Youtube playlist  |  Vimeo channel   Trailer 2018 by Peter Lahr Films   Impression of SYCLD 2017 (la créme de la créme by Achel Machin on behalf of Majutsu)   (after movie by Peter Lahr)   Recap “So.. You Can Longboard Dance? China” in search for the best Asian rider 2017   Recap So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2016 2 days, Worldcup .. what else can we say than that it was amazing! Check the winning edit of […]

Press info

We have a folder we can share with you with all press info and material, so don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll send you the link! Interviews with riders and key persons we can also arrange easily! Here are the press releases of 2018 download here for ENGLISH   download here for DUTCH algemeen   en download hier het persbericht over gratis Longboard lessen