There will be NO lockers or wardrobe at the event * Keep your valuables with you, don’t leave them behind in an unattended bag! If you like to store your luggage there are (big and small) lockers at the Central Train Station in the centre of Eindhoven (1,9 km easy skating from the venue) Check here for info and opening hours * (we would like to offer this but the costs of hiring such a service are too high for the amount of people using it)

Free Longboard Lessons

Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 – 14:00 hrs 14:30 – 15:30 hrs 16:00 – 17:00 hrs You can subscribe at the event, the lessons are given at the free skate area.  The free longboard lessons are available for both adults as children. Maybe nice to try with the whole family?  Everyone can learn how to longboard. After an hour of lessons everyone can go forward, stop and steer on a longboard. After this it’s possible to continue practicing by yourself and develop a new healthy addiction.  During the event you can see what level can be reached after some years […]

SYCLD Breakfast

At ‘Onder de Leidingstraat’ you can enjoy the whole weekend the best breakfast in town. Located on the other side of Area51 Skatepark it’s very close to the venue. Open from 10.00 hrs.   


This event is a gift to the longboard community and this is how it should be! We are extremely grateful people attend from all over the world! And we like to inspire more people to get into the amazing feeling you get with a board under your feet. SO.. we want to make the event as accessible as possible for those who are just curious (and who will be immediately hooked, so be warned)  

About & Contact

‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ is the World Cup Longboard dancing & freestyle. This events is annually organised in The Netherlands by Flow Provider. The free and for everyone accessible event, focuses on a combination between contests and free skating in the discipline of longboard dancing. The contests consist of an open sponsored and non-sponsored dance contest, a hippy jump, best G-turn, best trick and women (non sponsored and sponsored) competition, which attract riders from all over the world. The event is founded in 2012, the goal is to organise an ‘In search of the best <insert continent> rider’ all […]

Floor Plan

Again the whole venue will be ours. So one BIG competition area and a BIG Free Skate hall with obstacles and enough space around! There will be a bar and food area. (PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD OR DRINKS INTO THE VENUE!) The info booth where you also do the confirmation of your registration will be next to the bar in the competition area. There you can also buy your raffle tickets to win amazing gear! There are going to be booths of different brands so bring the contents of your piggy bank!

How To Get There

HOW TO GET THERE AND PARKING Address Klokgebouw 50 Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant The Netherlands By  Train You can use the Dutch railway station to get to the venue most easily. Both from the Central Station in Eindhoven and ‘s Hertogenbosch sprinter trains will be leaving to station Eindhoven Strijp-S which is right next to the venue. For specific travel information you can use the information on or By Plane The closest airport is Eindhoven from which you can take line 401. Get off at the stop ‘Strijp S-Ir.Kalffstraat, Eindhoven’ and the venue is just around the corner. Of course […]