So.. You Can Longboard Dance?

Worldcup Longboard Freestyle and Dance

SO.. LIVE BROADCAST by Loaded and Landyachtz

SO.. this year you can see So.. You Can Longboard Dance? from anywhere in the world!! No more crying that you have to miss it! Landyachtz and Loaded are making sure you won’t miss a thing! We are teaming up with All Year Long who will be there to capture and stream everything right into your living room!  Maybe you’ll see even more.. because they will hang out behind the scenes to interview the fast and furious, the bad and the ugly, the bold and the beautiful! All through the lens of All Year Long! Be sure to tune in 21th and […]


‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ 2018  check here for all information about the competitions  Saturday 21st of april 11.30 DOORS OPEN 11.30 – 12.30 REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION for contests 21/4 (be sure to register here BEFORE 18/4, this moment is only to CONFIRM you are present)    13.00  CONTESTS DANCING PRE-SELECTION NON SPONSORED (mixed) 2 persons at the same time, 1 run of 1 minute HIPPY JUMP DANCING NON SPONSORED (mixed) SEMI FINAL 2 persons at the same time, 1 run of 1,5 minute BEST G-TURN DANCING NON SPONSORED (mixed) FINAL, 1 run,  1,5 minutes per person AWHOU CREW COMPETITION   20.30 PRIZES ANNOUNCEMENT ________________________________ Sunday, 22nd of april […]

Free longboard lesson at the event

At the event there will be free beginners lessons brought to you by ‘A Future on Wheels’. The lessons are Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 – 14:00, 14:30 – 15:30 and 16:00 – 17:00. Would you like to join? Please go to the stand of A Future on Wheels! “A future on wheels” is an amazing longboarding project in Chiro Village (Cambodia) with the NGO OBT (Organization for the basic training) and his director Pot Sophal, by Jildou Dammers , Jay Alexis Nieto Ramirez and Culiba Ballesta Torres. With your help and together they can make their dream to come true. […]

“SO.. The Party” Saturday 21th at AreaFiftyOne Skatepark

On the end of day one of  the event we will party hard at the bar of Area51. After a day of skating we can have some relaxing drinks and a little dance to prepare for day 2! Our party starts at 20h00 and we go to bed at midnight to be fresh for the next day of skating. entrance for The Party is free, entrance to skate in the park is 6 euro Area51 skatepark is located opposite of the SYCLD venue. Check here for more info: and

About & Contact

‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ is a big annual international longboarding event organized in Eindhoven, The Netherlands by Flow Provider / Spots and Locals. This free and for everyone accessible event focuses on a combination between contests and free skating in the discipline of longboard dancing. The contests consist of a sponsored and non-sponsored dance contest, a hippy jump, best G-turn, best trick and women (non sponsored and sponsored) competition, which attract riders from all over the world. There is one area where the competition is held, the other area is for those who like to skate themselves. But also for […]

Press info

We have a folder we can share with you with all press info and material, so don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll send you the link! Interviews with riders and key persons we can also arrange easily! Here are the press releases of 2018 download here for ENGLISH   download here for DUTCH algemeen   en download hier het persbericht over gratis Longboard lessen

Floor Plan

Again the whole venue will be ours. So one BIG competition area and a BIG Free Skate hall with obstacles and enough space around! There will be a bar and food area. (PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD OR DRINKS INTO THE VENUE!) The info booth where you also do the confirmation of your registration will be next to the bar in the competition area. There you can also buy your raffle tickets to win amazing gear! There are going to be booths of different brands so bring the contents of your piggy bank!

Sleeping: Holiday Inn Hotel

Looking for a hotel in between the the city center of Eindhoven and the Klokgebouw during SYCLD? Holiday Inn offers all our visitors 15% discount on their stay at 20-04/ 21-04/ 22-04 at Holiday Inn Eindhoven! For reservations please contact their reservations department via or +31 (0)40 235 8248 and mention the following CLD2018

How To Get There

HOW TO GET THERE AND PARKING Address Klokgebouw 50 Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant The Netherlands By  Train You can use the Dutch railway station to get to the venue most easily. Both from the Central Station in Eindhoven and ‘s Hertogenbosch sprinter trains will be leaving to station Eindhoven Strijp-S which is right next to the venue. For specific travel information you can use the information on or By Plane The closest airport is Eindhoven from which you can take line 401. Get off at the stop ‘Strijp S-Ir.Kalffstraat, Eindhoven’ and the venue is just around the corner. Of course […]