Program 2020

TO BE ANNOUNCED!   THIS WAS THE PROGRAM OF 2019: Saturday & Sunday FREE SKATE AREA ALL DAY LONGBOARD LESSONS at 13:00 – 14:00, 14:30 – 15:30 and 16:00 – 17:00 hrs. Check here for more info   Competitions check here for all information about the competitions    Saturday 20th of april 11.30 – 12.30 CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION (all riders of that day have to check in at the info desk)    13.00 start competitions   DANCING NON SPONSORED PRE-SELECTION  Non Sponsored Women Non Sponsored Open 2 persons at the same time, each rider has 1 run of 1 minute   […]


REGISTRATION 2020 is OPEN!   You can sign up here:Registration Form SYCLD 2020   Please read the Information about the competitions and judging  REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED 5 days before the event (it’s not possible to register at the event) The competitions DANCE & FREESTYLE (you can choose ONE) MEN SPONSORED MEN NON SPONSORED WOMEN SPONSORED WOMEN NON SPONSORED GROMS (born in 2005 or younger ) BEST G-TURN BEST TRICK HIPPY JUMP VIDEO / PHOTO (check here for more info) CREW (not confirmed, depending on amount of riders in other competitions and remaining time available)   Check in at the event Apart from […]

Information competitions and judging

register for the competitions here   DANCE COMPETITIONS these are the different Dance competitions: – DANCE WOMEN SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE WOMEN NON SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE MEN SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE MEN NON SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE GROMS (boys and girls age 1-15 )   Difference between sponsored and non-sponsored   Groms The Grom competition will select the best riders up to 15 years old. Groms need to be accompanied by an adult who is present during the run(s)   Duration of runs Non sponsored: Pre selection + semi final: 1 min. Final 1,5 min. Sponsored: Pre selection 1 […]


Results So.. You Can Longboard Dance? Results SYCLD 2019 Sponsored Open 2019 Jongbin Jo WORLD CHAMPION OPEN Abou Seck DuoDuo Sponsored Women 2019 Jiny Kim WORLD CHAMPION WOMEN Sugar Antonine Champetier Best Grom Arsène Bernier Best Trick Duo Duo BumSeok Tom Bos Non Sponsored Open Jiwon Jung Sebastien Rambourg Onno Nijzink Non Sponsored Women Laira Sol Hyojin Best G-Turn Sven Sebastian Yordab Hippie Jump Lotfi Results SYCLD 2018 WORLD CHAMPION 2018 Aboubakry Sadikh Seck – Senegal, Majutsu Longboard / Remember Collective Intl / Paris Truck Co. Best GROM Milla Tran BEST TRICK 1ste place: Aboubakry SECK – Senegal Majutsu Longboard / Remember Collective Intl / Paris Truck Co. 2nd […]

Film & Photo Contest: What to do?

Dear competitors, You have subscribed (or will do that when you read THIS)  to the photo- and film contest and now what to do? There are two chances to win: 1. The best cinematographic impression of the event will be selected and win! This is a judge decision where also the reaction of the public plays a big role. How to enter the competition: 1. Make an (awesome, beautiful, artistic, touching, accurate or which choice you want to make) registration of “So.. You Can Longboard Dance?” 2. Film: Put the film online (Youtube or Vimeo) and add the link to […]