FAQ Judging and competitions

1. Dance – durations of runs: 1,5 minute in preselection and semi’s. 2 minutes in final 2. Dance- difference between sponsored and non-sponsored:  is mainly in level and about the question whether you already get gear and decks sponsored. You can subscribe to any category you prefer, but the non-sponsored is mainly there to give other riders except from the well known riders a chance. So also non-sponsored can join in the ‘sponsored’ competition (but not in both!). 3. General- Mixed competitions: Both boys and girls can participate in all competitions except for the Girls Competition. 4. Girls competition– The girl […]


TIME TABLE ‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ 2018 SETUP <so.. this can change!> Saturday 21st of april 11.30 DOORS OPEN 11.30 – 12.30 REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION for contests 22/4 (be sure to register here BEFORE 18/4, this moment is only to CONFIRM you are present)  13.00  CONTESTS DANCING PRE-SELECTION Non Sponsored: 2 persons at the same time, 1 run of 1,5 minutes BEST G-TURN HIPPY JUMP DANCING NON SPONSORED FINALE  2 minutes per person CREW COMPETITION 20.00 PRIZES ANNOUNCEMENT ________________________________ Sunday, 22nd of april 11.30 DOORS OPEN 11.30 – 12.30 REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION for contests 23/4 (be sure to register here BEFORE 18/4, this moment is only to CONFIRM you are present)  […]


REGISTRATION 2018 is NOT open yet!   When the registration opens: Add your info (no need to sign in or anything, just fill in the fields) to the contests  you want to participate in and we will make sure you have a place to join. In case you can not open these files it would be nice if you ask a (participating) friend to add you. REGISTRATION CLOSES at the 18 th of April 2018 at 0.00 CET    DANCE (choose ONE)   – DANCE SPONSORED RIDERS (for male and female riders)   – DANCE NON SPONSORED RIDERS (for male and female riders)   […]

Let’s introduce the judges and host of 2018

<featured image by Marius Landwehr Photography> We are gathering the team for 2018 !   this was the judging team 2017   1. Andrei Churakov/ 23/ Belgium Sponsored by Original Skateboards, Paris Truck Co, Fireball Wheels, Wasted Hours Clothing and rides since 8 years How excited is he about SYCLD 2016? he likes SYCLD more than his own birthday. Nuff said. How to bribe Andrei?! Not pizza. Definitely not delicious, cheezy pizza.   2.  Wolf Martin Naumann / 26 / Germany Sponsored by Bastl Boards, Bleed Organic Clothing He is Superexcited3000 to see everyone from everywhere and a blast of skateskills. YEAH! How to bribe? […]

Film & Photo Contest: What to do?

Dear competitors, You have subscribed (or will do that when you read THIS)  to the photo- and film contest and now what to do? There are two chances to win: 1. The best cinematographic impression of the event will be selected and win! This is a judge decision where also the reaction of the public plays a big role. How to enter the competition: 1. Make an (awesome, beautiful, artistic, touching, accurate or which choice you want to make) registration of “So.. You Can Longboard Dance?” 2. Film: Put the film online (Youtube or Vimeo) and add the link to […]