So.. You Can Longboard Dance?

Worldcup Longboard Freestyle and Dance

The AWHOU Crew Battle

SO.. Who is the best crew? Let’s battle it out on Saturday April 21st at SYCLD! Each year we are looking for the best crew in the world. This year we will co-host the Crew Battle with the awesome AWHOU crew. We are changing up the concept this edition. A whole bunch of challenges will determine who is the best crew. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best of the best? Register your crew and prepare to be the best out there. Be sure to register in time because we have to limit te competition […]

SO.. LIVE BROADCAST by Loaded and Landyachtz

SO.. this year you can see So.. You Can Longboard Dance? from anywhere in the world!! No more crying that you have to miss it! Landyachtz and Loaded are making sure you won’t miss a thing! We are teaming up with All Year Long who will be there to capture and stream everything right into your living room!  Maybe you’ll see even more.. because they will hang out behind the scenes to interview the fast and furious, the bad and the ugly, the bold and the beautiful! All through the lens of All Year Long! Be sure to tune in 21th and […]


REGISTRATION 2018 is CLOSED! CHECK IN Apart from registering here it is required to confirm your registration by checking in at the event itself at the day of your first competition. You can do so next to the bar at the venue at the registration desk. BEFORE 12.00!!!  It is NOT possible to register at the event itself, it’s too busy at the registration desk for that so you’ll make other people wait. REGISTER in time and if you don’t have access just ask someone to do it for you! The fee to compete is 15 € total, no matter how […]


‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ 2018  check here for all information about the competitions  Saturday 21st of april 11.30 DOORS OPEN 11.30 – 12.30 REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION for contests 21/4 (be sure to register here BEFORE 18/4, this moment is only to CONFIRM you are present)    13.00  CONTESTS DANCING PRE-SELECTION NON SPONSORED (mixed) 2 persons at the same time, 1 run of 1 minute HIPPY JUMP DANCING NON SPONSORED (mixed) SEMI FINAL 2 persons at the same time, 1 run of 1,5 minute BEST G-TURN DANCING NON SPONSORED (mixed) FINAL, 1 run,  1,5 minutes per person AWHOU CREW COMPETITION   20.30 PRIZES ANNOUNCEMENT ________________________________ Sunday, 22nd of april […]

SO.. Prizes SYCLD 2018

In 2018 there will be prize money for two categories: Dance Sponsored (mixed) 1st: € 500 | 2nd: € 300 | 3rd: € 100 * The winner of Dance Sponsored will also receive the golden trophy board (made by Crownboards) which changes hands from WORLD CHAMPION to world champion each year. Until someone skates it to pieces (like Brenno did). Dance Women 1st: € 200 | 2nd: € 100 | 3rd: € 50 * The winner of the Women Dance will also receive the women trophy (made by Majutsu) which changes hands from female winner to female winner each year. Within the other competitions […]


check here for FAQ Judging and Competitions and here for Contest Registration Dance Competition The main contest will be the dance competition where selected judges from all over the world will look for style, flow and overall good skating from the contestants. There are two contests, for both sponsored and non-sponsored contestants.  This way new talent also has a place to show itself and take home some good prizes. Women Competition Special attention this edition will be paid to our female contestants and there will be an exclusively to be entered by women contest. Women can show what they are worth […]

FAQ Judging and competitions

1. Dance – durations of runs: 1 minute pre selection, ‘non sponsored’ 1 minute semi final, ‘sponsored’ 1,5 minute in semi final. Both 1,5 minutes in final 2. Dance- difference between sponsored and non-sponsored:  is mainly in level and about the question whether you already get gear and decks sponsored. You can subscribe to any category you prefer, but the non-sponsored is mainly there to give other riders except from the well known riders a chance. So also non-sponsored can join in the ‘sponsored’ competition (but not in both!). 3. General- Mixed competitions: Both boys and girls can participate in all […]

Film & Photo Contest: What to do?

Dear competitors, You have subscribed (or will do that when you read THIS)  to the photo- and film contest and now what to do? There are two chances to win: 1. The best cinematographic impression of the event will be selected and win! This is a judge decision where also the reaction of the public plays a big role. How to enter the competition: 1. Make an (awesome, beautiful, artistic, touching, accurate or which choice you want to make) registration of “So.. You Can Longboard Dance?” 2. Film: Put the film online (Youtube or Vimeo) and add the link to […]