LONG FOR BOARD  You have seen LONG FOR BOARD at SYCLD 2019 with a booth and now they are a full sponsor. So happy for the support by and for female skate- and longboarders!  For all femi skateboarders!  Is a clothing brand created by a woman for women who love skateboarding and longboarding The brand was developed in response to the challenges faced by girls and women while looking for comfortable and good quality pants. The simple idea is to provide girls with a possibility of choices, of freedom of movement, comfort and joy while skateboarding. Its objective is also […]


Hey! I’m Jade Reinders, a sporty entrepreneur who love’s to travel. ‘PhysioVan’ is my mobile physiotherapy practice, with extra attention to human fitness. PhysioVan is for athletes and (international) events. That’s why you can find me with the PhysioVan on So .. You Can Longboard Dance? 2019 Are you looking for an experienced physiotherapist who likes to give sports massages? I treat physical complaints and/ or stress complaints by using physiotherapy (including taping), sports massage and sports specific training. Through various treatment techniques I ensure: faster recovery, more relaxation, balance and energy. Do you need this yourself? Do you also […]

Katarzyna Hajdan: Judge

Warsaw, Poland His(s)tory:”…. My story started in Portugal. A few years before I started skating, I was in Peniche.  I came there to overcome my fear of water – I wanted to surf. I heard there about longboarding and only when I  come back to Poland, I started browsing the net in search of what this longboarding actually was. I fell in love. I spent all days, sometimes even nights, learning how to longboard 😀. After just 4 months I took part in my first competiton in Hamburg. I met there all the people whose videos I studied to learn […]


SKATEPOWER.eu comes to SYCLD to celebrate its 40th anniversary with you. As usual, SKATEPOWER.eu offers a pre-selected range of highlights from all areas: decks, trucks, bearings, wheels and protectors. Due to its 7 years presence on the longboard market, there are excellent worldwide relationships with well-known manufacturers, which make longboard dancing not so expensive or on the other hand to receive custom designed boards for you. A visit of the booth of SKATEPOWER.eu is always worthwhile. If the visit will not be possible for you, you will find our range on www.skatepower.eu


There will be NO lockers or wardrobe at the event * Keep your valuables with you, don’t leave them behind in an unattended bag! If you like to store your luggage there are (big and small) lockers at the Central Train Station in the centre of Eindhoven (1,9 km easy skating from the venue) Check here for info and opening hours * (we would like to offer this but the costs of hiring such a service are too high for the amount of people using it)


Skatepro is an online skateshop founded in 1996, today with a physical shop in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus DK. Skatepro`s goal is to help people easily find their passion within skating while delivering top service and a professional setup.Along their international profile they support hundreds of events every year and support 90 ambassadors within their passion on a continuous base. They are happy to become a small part of SYCLD! And we are very happy they joined the team that makes SYCLD possible!  www.skatepro.com   

Program 2020

TO BE ANNOUNCED!   THIS WAS THE PROGRAM OF 2019: Saturday & Sunday FREE SKATE AREA ALL DAY LONGBOARD LESSONS at 13:00 – 14:00, 14:30 – 15:30 and 16:00 – 17:00 hrs. Check here for more info   Competitions check here for all information about the competitions    Saturday 20th of april 11.30 – 12.30 CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION (all riders of that day have to check in at the info desk)    13.00 start competitions   DANCING NON SPONSORED PRE-SELECTION  Non Sponsored Women Non Sponsored Open 2 persons at the same time, each rider has 1 run of 1 minute   […]

Free Longboard Lessons

Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 – 14:00 hrs 14:30 – 15:30 hrs 16:00 – 17:00 hrs You can subscribe at the event, the lessons are given at the free skate area.  The free longboard lessons are available for both adults as children. Maybe nice to try with the whole family?  Everyone can learn how to longboard. After an hour of lessons everyone can go forward, stop and steer on a longboard. After this it’s possible to continue practicing by yourself and develop a new healthy addiction.  During the event you can see what level can be reached after some years […]

SYCLD Breakfast

At ‘Onder de Leidingstraat’ you can enjoy the whole weekend the best breakfast in town. Located on the other side of Area51 Skatepark it’s very close to the venue. Open from 10.00 hrs.   https://www.onderdeleidingstraat.nl/   

DUTCH persbericht 2019

Beste redactie,   Hieronder vindt u het persbericht over ‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ Wereld kampioenschap Longboarden met links naar hoog resolutie beeldmateriaal en een video trailer. Mocht u interviews willen houden met de organisatie of een longboarder dan horen we het graag! Natuurlijk bent u ook van harte welkom om op het evenement een registratie te komen maken! Bij voorbaat heel dank voor de aandacht!   Met vriendelijke groet,   Bianca Kersten Flow Provider Bianca Kersten bianca@flowprovider.com +31 (0)40 4020801 +34 633769868 +31 (0)6 25062428 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERSBERICHT VOOR DIRECTE PUBLICATIE   Wereld Kampioenschap Longboarden in Nederland   Op 20 en […]

Sick boardshop

Sickboards has been around since 2004, since then they have been the longboard specialist on all disciplines (downhill, cruising, dancing, long-distance, freestyle and slalom). They have created a unique skate store, with a free 350m2 (3800ft2) skatepark. They are sponsoring SYCLD from the very beginning. Visit them while you are in The Netherlands (The Hague) or go to their online shop: www.sickboards.nl 


REGISTRATION 2020 is OPEN!   You can sign up here:Registration Form SYCLD 2020   Please read the Information about the competitions and judging  REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED 5 days before the event (it’s not possible to register at the event) The competitions DANCE & FREESTYLE (you can choose ONE) MEN SPONSORED MEN NON SPONSORED WOMEN SPONSORED WOMEN NON SPONSORED GROMS (born in 2005 or younger ) BEST G-TURN BEST TRICK HIPPY JUMP VIDEO / PHOTO (check here for more info) CREW (not confirmed, depending on amount of riders in other competitions and remaining time available)   Check in at the event Apart from […]


This event is a gift to the longboard community and this is how it should be! We are extremely grateful people attend from all over the world! And we like to inspire more people to get into the amazing feeling you get with a board under your feet. SO.. we want to make the event as accessible as possible for those who are just curious (and who will be immediately hooked, so be warned)  


Landyachtz believes in making quality skateboards that will improve your life. Skateboarding makes life better, it’s something to do with your friends, it’s a way of expressing yourself, a way to get outside, it’s fun, challenging and exciting. You don’t need a membership, seasons pass or a vehicle to be a skateboarder, all you need is a board and your imagination. http://landyachtz.com  

Information competitions and judging

register for the competitions here   DANCE COMPETITIONS these are the different Dance competitions: – DANCE WOMEN SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE WOMEN NON SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE MEN SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE MEN NON SPONSORED RIDERS – DANCE GROMS (boys and girls age 1-15 )   Difference between sponsored and non-sponsored   Groms The Grom competition will select the best riders up to 15 years old. Groms need to be accompanied by an adult who is present during the run(s)   Duration of runs Non sponsored: Pre selection + semi final: 1 min. Final 1,5 min. Sponsored: Pre selection 1 […]

About & Contact

‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ is the World Cup Longboard dancing & freestyle. This events is annually organised in The Netherlands by Flow Provider. The free and for everyone accessible event, focuses on a combination between contests and free skating in the discipline of longboard dancing. The contests consist of an open sponsored and non-sponsored dance contest, a hippy jump, best G-turn, best trick and women (non sponsored and sponsored) competition, which attract riders from all over the world. The event is founded in 2012, the goal is to organise an ‘In search of the best <insert continent> rider’ all […]


One of the oldest longboard brands in the world, Seismic Skate Systems is the brainchild of Daniel Gesmer, who innovated a dance-oriented approach to flatland freestyle skateboarding way back in the 1980s. With dance as a primary background inspiration, Seismic has been pushing the envelope of progressive skate tech since 1993, when it introduced the first high-precision truck of the modern era. Today Seismic designs and manufactures high-performance trucks, wheels, bearings, boards, grip, and accessories for all who roll. Seismic is committed to continually shaking up the skateboard market with products that are two or more generations ahead of the […]


Skateshop and recording studio in Hamburg – this is Studio Longboard. A worldwide unique concept combines the two passions music and skateboarding under one roof. The local skate shop in Hamburg-Altona is also available as an online shop and has a large selection of skateboards, longboards and surfskates including accessories. Studio Longboard was founded in the summer of 2014 and is one of the biggest skateshops of the city.The shop specializes in Dancing and Freestyle decks. Here you will find brands like BASTL BOARDS, TIMBER, DASILVA, QUINBOARDS, HACKBRETT and many other international manufacturers. Detailed advice , a large selection of […]


Whaleboards is a small brand of bambù Skateboards born in 2016 in Piedmont, Italy. From the passion for wave surf and for skateboarding comes the idea of making large boards suitable for landsurfing, inspired by the Californian style. In addition to the big longboards We also create surfskate that simulate surfing with shortboard, to have a quiver always heterogeneous. https://whaleboards.it/

1 day, 14 hours, 31 minutes and 37 seconds until SYCLD

Dear all, SO.. almost time to go and build up everything for SYCLD 2018!! Always a surreal moment and must say I’m almost stressed about being not stressed! What are we forgetting??? SO.. it seems, checking all ‘to do’ lists, that all is prepared! SO.. we are ready too! Except.. where is the Golden Trophy board?? DuoDuo has send it ages ago.. but of course the customs were too surprised and mesmerised about it’s beauty and held on to it. You can not just let a golden board pass customs can you? SO..  Jelle has been moving heaven and earth […]


STANT is a skaters owned and community associated clothing brand. We create ways to identify with the passion we share not only through riding but also in everyday normal life. The brand is built on what we believe in, which is good quality, fair trade and hard work. Come visit us at our stand to chat and check out our stuff. #forthesakeofskateCheck http://www.stantwear.com/ or  https://www.facebook.com/stantwear/

Aboubakry SECK: Judge

SECK Aboubakry born in 1993 in DAKAR / SENEGAL Sponsored by Majutsu Longboard, Remember Collective and ParisTruck Longboarding since 2014   Hi(s)story “I discovered longboard thanks to my best friend of the time in 2014. He had a mini cruiser and I was too much fun with him when he was riding what pushed me to have one too. When we spent nights together, he showed me many longboard videos and we both loved it. So we decided to buy together our first longboards. It started like this. Subsequently, I discovered the Parisian docksession initiated by Lotfi which showed me a facet […]

Paris Truck Co.

Paris Truck Co., making the best longboard and skateboard trucks on the market since 2006. With trucks that look as good as they feel, we are proud to make anyone’s setup a dream setup. We are stoked to be a part of SYCLD and have riders from around the world attending this World Cup event this year. check www.paristruckco.com

Sjors Thomassen: DJ

Sjors Thomassen | 1991 | Netherlands His(s)tory “DJ at the first edition of SYCLD and continued providing the music ever since. I first learned to board around 10 years ago with Erik’s longboard. He brought his longboard to school and let me practice with it. Eventually I bought my own board and joined the crew called “Eindhoven Roll City” (Yeah THE Eindhoven Roll City from where SYCLD is born). At the first edition of SYCLD they asked Erik to play music and I’ve helped. After that, I came back to SYCLD every year and I am still amazed how big […]

Yero Pharaoh: DJ

Yero Pharaoh – 90s kid – half Dutch/Mauritanian His(s)tory “I play sick tunes for the competitors and visitors ranging from hip hop to future disco/funk. DJ’d last year at SYCLD and loved it! My fellow DJ’s Erik and Sjors invited me to play. I knew very little about longboarding and was amazed by the skills, diversity of nationalities and the community feeling of the whole event! When I am not making websites, I make mixes and music for films and games. Check yeropharaoh.com + https://soundcloud.com/notyero for my stuff!”

Christopher Weggler: Judge

Christopher Weggler | Judge | 1990 | Munich Bavaria Sponsored by Crownboards, Undonewatches Longboarding since the end of 2014 Hi(s)story “Years ago I was totally over stressed and I was looking for a sport to calm down after work. I saw an advertisment with some downhill skaters. Only the imagination to shred hills was amazing so I decided to buy a longboard. A few weeks later I saw a video by Simon Arsenedis and have been totally stoked. That‘s the story how it all began and now longboarding is my passion” “My first SYCLD was in 2015 as a visitor. […]

3 weeks, 3 days, 14 hours and 3 minutes to….

Hi there! Just realised I didn’t write a blogpost yet for 2018 yet! What is there to say.. SYCLD is a riding train and everything goes well with the preparations! It seems like the event keeps on having good karma.. pieces of puzzles fit and we are on a roll! Well, we don’t know where the hippy jump has gone.. <edit, found it! my dad stored it for us <3 >  Personally I’m trying to keep out of hospital and that is about it. But there is a huge difference.. a big one.. after 6 years we changed the ‘S’ […]

Bianca Kersten: Boss (they say)

Bianca Kersten | born a long long time ago | Dutch but living in Spain Longboarding since  2011 Her story “Founded SYCLD in 2012 when the Eindhoven crew, which I was a part of, wanted to go skating indoor because of the bad weather. The owner of the venue, who I know, agreed to let us skate there and the whole world came. Whoops! Luckily my background in event organisation came to use and with the great support of some awesome people it became what it is now!   I started longboarding because I have a horse who then was too […]

Jelle Lemmens: right + left hand & brain

Jelle Lemmens/ 1992 / Belgium Judge at the very first edition. (Crucial!) part of the team ever since. His(story) “Skated when I was younger, fell in love with woodworking and the scene after. To me SYCLD is a Family reunion. What impressed me the most is seeing it grow from a Sunday skate day to what it is today. The most funny thing at SYCLD is seeing Bianca’s panic face when she thinks something is going wrong but knowing it’s ok.” In the competitions he’d like to see new talents who come out of nowhere and absolutely kill it! What […]

Achel Machin: Judge

Achel Machin | 1992 | Sponsored by Majutsu Longboard, Paris Trucks and Blood Orange Wheels. Longboarding since 2014 SYCLD history: After three years competing, he was judging in China and is also a judge in Eindhoven since 2018. He also has a LOT of talent as a film maker (check the Majutsu SYCLD video ‘la créme de la créme’) His(s)tory: ” Skated when I was a kid and ten years later I discovered longboard Dancing/Freestyle at DockSession Paris. I fell in love with it immediately and have been riding as much as possible ever since !  SYCLD is the first […]

Guleed Yussuf: Host and advisor judging team

Guleed Yussuf / 1988 / Somaliland/ Netherlands/ Germany Guleed our host with the most, skating for `simple longboards, Travelol, AWHOU, Goldcoast. This happy ball of energy is the one who keeps us hyped through the day, making sure the good vibes are always flowing trough the competition. Guleed is also a longboard teacher in Amsterdam with Live Long Boarders, coaching our future competitors! Loves nature, hugs and good vibes!   Hi(s)story “I started out as a rider, and after i suffered an injury to my knee I rolled into the host/presenter roll which I have been enjoying over the last 4 […]

Lotfi Lamaali: Judge

Lotfi Lamaali / 1983 / France Sponsored by Loaded boards, Orangatang wheels, Paris Truck Co, Boosted boards, EXTREME and Nectar and began longboarding in 2008 His(s)tory “I competed on the very first edition in 2013, second 2014 and in 2016, and was a member of the jury during the 2015 and 2017 editions (China edition as well) . This year my role will be member of the tourists federation haha”   Why did you go longboarding and why did you continue? “The feeling of freedom on wheels is pretty unique and addictive so I’m pretty sure that I will continue taking this […]

Werner Wildberger (aka Duude Junior): Judge

Werner Wildberger (aka Duude Junior) / 1982 /Austria Sponsored by Wasted Hours Clothing, running Simple Longboards and been skating for 25 (!) years His(s)tory “I’ve attended SYCLD twice as a rider, in my 3rd year, i broke my wrist and got my cast removed a week before SYCLD. i wasn’t really able to compete but went to Eindhoven anyway. Simon or Wolf asked me if i want to judge since Maarten couldn’t make it that year. Been judging and having fun every year since. After street skating for more than a decade my doc put a sudden end to it. not […]

Maarten Frouws: Judge

Maarten is the father of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, the older sister of SYCLD.   Since when are you involved? “Since before the first event I got involved, because I organized an event that had a similar setup. Bianca asked us if it would be allright if she copied some elements. I totally digg what she turned it into!” (we would like to add: Maarten has been such a support to SYCLD from the start! He shared his knowledge and took care of a big part if the competitions) “This year I will be a judge again. As every year […]

DoYoung Gwon: Advisor judging team

DoYoung Gwon/ 1987 / South Korea Sponsored by Bastl boards, Blacktop Trucks and Manaliso clothing. Longboarding since 2012 His(s)tory: “I got the 3rd place for Sponsored freestyle/dancing in SYCLD 2015. I got the 2nd place for Sponsored freestyle/dancing in SYCLD 2016. I finished SYCLD 2017 in Final run. Since SYCLD 2017 China, I got into the judge team. Why did you go longboarding and why did you continue? “I was so stressed and got sick and tired of my daily life. Then I was looking for something that makes me happy and energetic. on the same time, I saw a […]

The experience of the world champion!

This was my first time in Netherlands, and my very first time in Europe. Europe has a very different scene from Asia, including the culture, food and social convention. I liked Amsterdam a lot, it’s the city of freedom after all. The first time I heard of SYCLD was couple years ago. When I checked out the videos from 1st year of SYCLD, even though there weren’t many participants, but everyone had a strong personality and style, I could feel how great the atmosphere was through videos. The seed of eagerly wanting to be part of it was planted at […]

Kebbek skateboards

Kebbek skateboards-Since 1992 Making skateboards for a quarter century means 25 years of long days and late nights. 25 years of having sore hands and rough skin. 25 years of being curious and stopping at nothing to satisfy the taste of progression. 25 years of event support and community involvement. 25 years of making friends and having an unconditional love for skateboarding. Kebbek skateboards has been one of the main influencers of longboarding since the beginning and we are pleased to see them stepping up to support the longboard scene. Expect more from this legendary brand and in the mean […]

Thrill Longboard Magazine

Thrill Longboard Magazine has been supporting the UK longboard community since 2012, sponsoring many downhill and dance events, including Brighton’s Battle of the Boards. ThrillMagUK features events, reviews, products, opinions, culture and art as well as the UK Crews listings. Links to their neighbouring European and rest of the world communities are being established and they hope you will visit their pages soon to share the ‘all things skate’ stoke.  We are THRILLed to welcome them among those that are able to support SYCLD this year!

Footage and Media

click here for So.. You Can Longboard Dance? PRESS INFO Social media:  Facebook page    |    Facebook event    |    Instagram Video footage: Youtube  |  Vimeo channel Trailer 2019 by Mateusz Wiacek 2018 Full Movie by Mateusz Wiacek Trailer 2018 by Peter Lahr Films Impression of SYCLD 2017 (la créme de la créme by Achel Machin on behalf of Majutsu) (after movie by Peter Lahr) Recap “So.. You Can Longboard Dance? China” in search for the best Asian rider 2017 Recap So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2016 2 days, Worldcup .. what else can we say than that it was amazing! Check […]