Utrecht is the beating hart of our country and knows a cosy old city centre.. The disadvantage is that the underground of this centre isn’t really great to skate on. But if we move further from the centre we find some of the most beautifu places in the Netherlands longboard-wise. There is internationally known student campus the Uithof, which is busy during weekdays, but provides good skating spots during the weekend. But are you in search of a quiet skating spot without other traffic? Het Lint in de area Vleuten is the place to be! This 8 kilometre long loop is accessible for bikers, pedestrians and… skaters! It also has a skating park and a small city beach.

Not many shops offer longboards yet, but a visit to Cell Block, Eight Dayz or Supervet could be worthwile.

Heerlijk rollen op 'Het Lint'

Heerlijk rollen op ‘Het Lint’

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