Eindhoven put themselves on the map the last years as a city that welcomes and embraces boardsports and streetculture. Considering longboarding they did well! Weekly a group of local skaters comes together at the Piazza, a covered mall close to the central station. And also the industrial area Strijp-S is known for its open attitude towards all extreme sports. With Area 51 as skatehall and Gebouw 52 as BMX hall they aren’t unfamiliar with the street culture.

The events in Eindhoven take place at Strijp-S for most of the time. At Queens Day there is a trickcontest called Beatricks and ‘t Klokgebouw hosts one of the biggest longboarding events of Europe: ‘So You Can Longboard Dance?’, a dancing competition. Both of these events are organized by Spots N Locals, the same company that is behind this website. So if you want to get an impression of what we have to offer watch video underneath!

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