Den Haag / Scheveningen

Groepsfoto bij de eerste editie van Een Longboard Dag

Groepsfoto bij de eerste editie van Een Longboard Dag

The Hague, but to be more specific Schevingen, has – not really surprising – on of the biggest longboarding scenes in the Netherlands. In the Hague there is a beach where you can surf and since longboarding derived from surfing it isn’t really surprising that we find the longboarders here. The boulevard is nice to cruise on or you practice a couple of dancing steps. In the Northern part of Scheveningen you furthermore find a little downhill spot called Zwarte Pad.

Of course it is obvious that in a city with such a grand boarder popularity there are ample ways to buy a board. This we see represented in the biggest longboarding company of Europe being in Scheveningen: Sickboards. Also the surfshops close to the beach have some boards.

Every year in the Hague there is also the big event Een Longboard Dag that houses a lot of different contests and provides test boards to have a day of skating fun.

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