Flow Provider develops and organises project within hiphop and action sports. Founded in 2001 and responsible back then for big hiphop events, breakdance events (now organised within a different company of one of the board members) and nowadays the world cup longboard skate ‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ which takes place in the Netherlands and China. Developing more in the direction of action sports we have a kite / surf house in Tarifa Spain under the name of Loveboards and organise combined board sports holidays. For 16 years we teach workshops within street culture and action sports in schools in The Netherlands and also set up a platform for longboard skate lessons.

We believe in a cirkel model. Not only organising competitions on a world level but also take care of the inspiration and education of newcomers. We believe in people who make their passion their job and who inspire others this way. We believe in the power of flow and how it affects lives in a sometimes groundbreaking way. To individually and by intrinsic motivation improve your skills, your passion, what they call ‘sentenced to life’ but being part of a bigger group of likeminded people.

Do you have a project within action sports or street culture and do you need advice? Would you like to set up a project and need a direction? Do you need someone to take care of your project from A-Z? Do you need a concept to be developed? Or just the right person for a specific thing, the best slackliner for a commercial for example? Ideas, inspiration, knowledge, contacts? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out!